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    Aretha Franklin

    • What happens if you die without a will?
    • TMZ reported that famed singer Aretha Franklin did not leave a will behind.
    • If you die without a will in the US, the fate of your estate largely varies based on your location and the status of your family.

    What happens if you die without a will?

    Singer Aretha Franklin reportedly died without leaving behind a will, according to TMZ. The singer's net worth was about $80 million, according to People. Plenty of famous figures like Howard Hughes, Prince, and Pablo Picasso died without wills, Forbes reported.

    And a majority of Americans don't have a will or a living trust, according to a 2017 survey.

    Whether or not you're rich and famous, people who die without leaving behind a will are classified as having died "intestate."

    What happens to all your stuff and money, at least in the US, depends on which state you live in. Intestacy laws vary across the country. Those laws help determine who the government will pick to be your heirs, CNN reported.

    Here's what's likely happen to your property if you die without a will:

    If you're single without kids.

    According to the legal website FindLaw, if you're a single, childless person, your estate will pass on to your parents — or it'll be divided equally among your siblings and half-siblings if your parents are dead.

    If you don't have any surviving siblings, nieces, or nephews, the estate will be divided between your paternal and maternal relatives.

    If you're single with kids.

    FindLaw reported that if you're a single parent with children, your estate will typically be divided up equally among your kids or, if your children have predeceased you, your grandkids.

    If you're married without any kids.

    According to FindLaw, if you're married and childless, your estate goes to your spouse. One big caveat: Most states are common-law-property states, FindLaw reported. If you leave behind property designated "separate property"— which means it was an asset acquired before the marriage — that could be split between your spouse, parents, and even your siblings.

    If you're married with kids.

    If all your children belong to your surviving spouse, your wife or husband will inherit the entirety of your state, according to FindLaw. If you have children from a previous relationship, your estate will be split between them and your surviving spouse.

    If you're not married to your partner.

    If you're not married to your partner and die without leaving behind a will, your partner will likely be left in the lurch when it comes to inheritance.

    If you have a domestic partner.

    Not all states recognize domestic partnerships, according to FindLaw, so whether or not your domestic partner will inherit your estate varies based on your location.

    Some property doesn't require a will to pass on.

    Not all property requires a will to pass on. According to Legal Zoom, life-insurance benefits, IRAs, 401(k)s, or retirement funds with beneficiaries, most assets "held as payable on death," and assets in a living trust typically pass "without a will and without any intestacy proceedings."

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    DON'T MISS: People are slamming Madonna for her VMA tribute to Aretha Franklin where she talked mainly about herself

    NEXT UP: Aretha Franklin was present for some of America's biggest moments — see photos from her incredible life

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    Insider Inc NYC

    INSIDER is hiring a full-time reporter to write about health and wellness.

    We’re looking for a clear writer who is obsessed with all things related to physical, mental, and sexual health. They will contribute to a health and wellness team covering stories like "9 signs you’re in good shape — even if you don’t go to the gym," "4 signs you have anxiety disorder and aren’t just a worrier," and "What you should always do after sex to keep your vagina healthy." Our team approaches wellness in a well-rounded way — no body-, mental health-, or sex-shaming here. Writers will have the opportunity to contribute quick posts and viral news, as well as more in-depth, research-based pieces.

    We’re looking for a candidate with the following:

    • One to three years of full-time writing experience
    • Experience in a fast-paced working environment
    • Excellent writing and communication skills
    • A strong sense of what makes a great story and tons of great ideas
    • A journalism background
    • An interest in covering health and wellness topics

    An understanding of SEO best practices are a plus, as are copyediting skills and Photoshop experience. 

    This position is full-time and based in our New York City headquarters. INSIDER offers competitive compensation packages complete with benefits.

    At INSIDER, our motto is "Life is an adventure." We tell stories for, about, and by people who seize life. That means they love to travel, try new foods, listen to new music, and fight for what’s right — and they admire people who do the same. INSIDER is distributed across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, as well as on the web.

    If this sounds like your dream job, APPLY HERE with a resume and cover letter explaining why you want to be our new health and wellness reporter.

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    NOW WATCH: I woke up at 4:30 a.m. for a week like a Navy SEAL

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    • Welcoming a new puppy into your home isn't always easy.
    • It can be time consuming getting your new furry friend to settle in.
    • Luckily, a few companies offer "pawternity leave" so you can spend some time together.
    • Happy National Puppy Day!

    Anyone who has experienced getting a puppy knows it can be hard work. Owners often refer to their pets as "fur babies," which makes a lot of sense considering how much attention puppies require when you first get them.

    Puppies need time to settle into their new home and bond with their owners. They've probably just been taken from their mothers and introduced to a brand new environment, so there's likely to be a lot of crying. And that's before you can even think about house-training.

    As it turns out, some companies sympathise with this transition and offer what's known as "pawternity leave."In fact, research from Petplan found that 5% of owners have been offered paid leave from their job to adjust to their pet owning duties.

    These are some of the companies which give you a few days off to bond with your new best friend.

    Mars Petcare

    Mars Petcare was one of the first companies to offer pawternity leave. The company offers its employees ten hours of paid leave when they get a new pet, and they can bring them into the office after that.


    The data platform provider Mparticle offers two weeks of paid leave if an employee adopts a rescue dog. According to The Times, the recruiter for the company Laurel Peppino said it's to provide time for training and walks.

    "We offer maternity and paternity leave and a pet is just another member of the family," she said. "We don't discriminate just because they aren't human."

    BitSol Solutions

    A tech company based in Manchester called BitSol Solutions offers its employees a full week of paid leave if they get a new pet. According to the Metro, company owner Greg Buchanan said: "Pets are like babies nowadays, so why shouldn't staff have some time off when they arrive?"

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    Barack Obama Martha's Vineyard

    • Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts is one of the six towns located on Martha's Vineyard.
    • The community boasts a cluster of cheerful and iconic gingerbread cottages.
    • It's also one of Barack Obama's favorite vacations spots.

    Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts is a town as vivid as it is historic.

    One of the six towns on Martha's Vineyard, Oak Bluffs is home to a string of colorful cottages, a bustling marina, and a picturesque downtown.

    No wonder it's one of former president Barack Obama's favorite vacation spots.

    Here's a look inside the community:

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    DON'T MISS: No one wants to buy the Obamas' former vacation rental on Martha's Vineyard

    SEE ALSO: Caroline Kennedy Lists Massive Martha's Vineyard Lot For $45 Million

    The town of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts is situated on the northeastern shore of Martha's Vineyard. It was first incorporated in 1880, and received its current name in 1907.

    Source: Annals of Oak Bluffs, Oak Bluffs

    Before Europeans settled on the island in 1642, the Wampanoag tribe occupied the area that would become known as Oak Bluffs.They called the swampy site "Ogkeshkuppe" — or "the wet or damp thicket."

    Source: Annals of Oak Bluffs

    Today, the town is known for its distinctive and colorful gingerbread houses, its large marina, and its decades-old African American community.

    Source: Oak Bluffs

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Business Insider is hiring a full-time associate producer to join our growing video team. 

    This person has a reel full of amazing work and has a great understanding of the digital video space. The associate producer will work with the BI video team to create and edit video stories for a wide, general audience. Among others, this person will work on stories like: 

    The ideal candidate has a passion to make stories about interesting businesses, luxury items and experiences, personal finance, and pretty much anything that has to do with money. All candidates should be proficient editors, able to quickly execute scripts into videos that will be shared across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and the Business Insider site.

    We're looking for someone who knows how to use Adobe Premiere. Knowledge of After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canon cameras is a plus.

    APPLY HERE if interested with your resume, link to your reel/portfolio, and cover letter telling us why you are the perfect person for this position.

    Insider Inc. offers competitive compensation packages complete with benefits. This is a full-time position based in our New York office.

    To view all of our current openings, see our careers page.

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    Insider Inc NYC

    Business Insider is hiring a copyeditor to cover the evening shift Monday through Friday.

    This person will work in Business Insider's New York City headquarters, editing copy on-screen for grammar, punctuation, spelling, sense, and Business Insider style.

    We're looking for someone who can work quickly and independently, usually without the luxury of querying reporters and other editors.

    Attention to detail is necessary but so is speed.


    • Two years of professional copyediting experience, preferably at a news website.
    • Familiarity with AP style, content-management systems, and social media.
    • Team player with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.
    • Pass a two-part written editing test.

    Candidates who do not have at least two years of professional copyediting experience will not be considered.

    This position is full-time in our New York City headquarters. Business Insider offers competitive compensation packages complete with benefits.

    APPLY HERE if interested and submit a cover letter explaining why this is your dream job.

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    NOW WATCH: 7 Clichés You Should Never Use In A Job Interview

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    Manipulative people can be found in every walk of life. You might meet them at work where they take credit for your achievements, or in social situations where they are controlling, demanding, and even abusive.

    Knowing the right words to deal with these people can give you the strength to stand up to them or walk away. In the cases of romantic relationships, manipulation is probably a sign of an abusive relationship, so the best thing to do is to run fast and far away.

    Once equipped with the terms, it can be easier to see manipulative people for who they really are, and you can gain the strength to walk away.

    Here are 9 phrases you should know if you think someone is manipulating you, and what they mean.

    SEE ALSO: All the sacrifices you'll have to make for a relationship with a narcissist to work

    1. Monitoring

    In the first stages of a romantic relationship, it's normal to feel butterflies, and want to know what your new partner is doing all the time. However, if the person you're starting to be intimate with is manipulative then their affection and attention could be love bombing.

    Lisa Aronson Fontes is a psychology researcher at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and author of "Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship." She told Business Insider that if your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to be in constant contact with you, it could be a warning sign. In fact, constant texts and phone calls can be a form of stalking.

    Not replying to the barrage of messages may end with you being on the receiving end of your partner's wrath, which is a huge red flag. You deserve your space, and anyone worth your time will know and respect this.

    2. Object constancy

    Everybody falls out sometimes, especially in romantic relationships. However, the level to which manipulative people like narcissists get angry with their significant others is beyond what is acceptable.

    Those with personality disorders like narcissism lack something called "object constancy," which is the ability to keep your positive feelings about someone whilst also being angry, annoyed, or disappointed in them.

    When they hurl insults and scream at their partner, narcissists don't feel any of the affectionate feelings they once had. That's why they can seem like a completely different person in these moments, like Jekyll and Hyde. Their reaction is so powerful it can make the victim feel as though they must be in the wrong, which means they start altering their behaviour to make their controlling partner happy.

    3. Moth to a flame

    Contrary to popular belief, manipulative people often seek out those who are strong and confident to prey on, because it makes them feel superior. Targeting vulnerable people doesn't make them feel powerful, so they will often go after you because they see the positives in you — like a moth to a flame.

    If someone is manipulating you at work, it's probably because they see your skills and they want to look like they're even more skilled than you. In a relationship, they want other people to know that someone as great as you has chosen to be with them. It's only behind the scenes that they start to bring you down, because that way they can start to break your confidence. Lower self-esteem makes it more likely you'll stick with a controlling partner, because you may feel like it's what you deserve. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    air proposal

    • A flight attendant lost her job after being proposed to while working.
    • Her former employer, China Eastern Airlines, said she abandoned her duties.
    • According to the airline, by accepting the proposal, she jeopardized the security of passengers.
    • People online are divided about the issue.

    Back in May, a video went viral of a flight attendant's boyfriend proposing to her on board a plane. Passengers caught the moment on their phones and seemed to be touched by the romantic gesture. But afterwards, not everything went as planned.

    According to Channel 8 News, the flight attendant actually lost her job as a result.

    Channel 8 reported that the flight attendant had been fired because while accepting her boyfriend's proposal, she neglected passenger safety.

    China Eastern Airlines — the airline she worked for — said the proposal happened mid-flight, which meant there was a disturbance that was irresponsible and jeopardized the security of passengers.

    Asia One reported that Chinese citizens have been divided over the issue, with some saying the airline's reaction was over-the-top and "heartless." Others, according to Asia One, agreed with the decision, saying you shouldn't deal with private affairs during working hours.

    Flight attendants can have a tough time. They work long shifts at strange hours and are subjected to all the negative impacts of spending a lot of time on planes, like radiation. Also, studies have shown that sexual harassment is a big problem in the industry. Close to two-thirds of flight attendants have experienced sexual harassment during their career.

    Although the proposal may have brightened up this flight attendant's day, in the long run, it probably wasn't the best idea.

    You can watch the proposal video here:

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    NOW WATCH: One bite from this tick could ruin red meat for the rest of your life

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    • The truth is, no industry is 100% safeguarded against the influence of technology.
    • Some workers, such as dispatchers, are more at risk of seeing their jobs become computerized than others.
    • Occupations that tend to be more routine and repetitive will likely cease to exist in 20 years.

    Out with the old, in with the robots! These days, new technological advances happen all the time — and while some industries have flourished in the changing landscape, others have fallen prey to automation.

    Here's the good news: automation isn't necessarily synonymous with job loss. In fact, many workers won't lose their jobs so much as see their roles getting redefined to meet society's ever-evolving needs. Some jobs, however, will likely be extinct 20 years from today.

    From fast food cooks to traditional lumberjacks, here are 10 jobs that probably won't exist in the year 2038.


    When the first automated check-out machines were tested, they weren't immediately popular with customers; but while today's versions are still far from perfect, the proliferation of self checkout machines is undeniable.

    According to Allied Market Research, the self checkout industry is projected to garner $31.75 billion by 2020, which could bode poorly for the future of cashiers. Popular services such as Amazon Fresh also allow shoppers to order groceries and other items from the comfort of their home.

    Fast food workers

    One of the big appeals of fast food is that it's consistent and reliable — chain menus tend to be standardized, so there's little variation in how specific menu items taste from location to location. According to The Guardian, that could translate to an 81% probability of fast food cooks seeing their jobs replaced by automated kitchen assistants.

    In California, for instance, an AI-powered robot named Flippy has been flipping burgers and placing them on buns at a CaliBurger location since 2017.

    Retail jewelers

    The jewelry industry has been declining for the past few years. Per Bloomberg, the Jewelers Board of Trade reported that jewelry store closures accelerated 53% in 2016.

    One factor, per National Jeweler, is that Millennials prioritize spending their money on experiences, rather than material things.

    "Jewelry has definitely been tough and millennials are shifting their spending to experience," Brian Yarbrough, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co., told Bloomberg. "That limits your ability to show a lot of growth."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Reed hastings

    • Netflix has a notably unique company culture, which its CEO Reed Hastings once outlined the philosophy of in a 2009 slide deck. 
    • Drawing from a recent LinkedIn Q&A with Netflix and from a 2016 Reddit AMA hosted by a Netflix employee, we've compiled a list of quotes on the company's hiring process and culture.


    Netflix is famous for its unique company culture, which does not tolerate either failing employees or "brilliant jerks."

    The company recently held a LinkedIn Q&A where users could ask questions about its culture and philosophy, and its answers largely echoed a famous slide deck CEO Reed Hastings released in 2009 to summarize Netflix's management philosophy.

    Though the company has morphed significantly since then, diving into original content and expanding across the globe, Netflix has maintained a commitment to its culture.

    That means that working at Netflix isn’t quite like working anywhere else, and neither is getting hired there.

    Drawing from a 2016 Reddit AMA hosted by a purported Netflix employee and from last week's LinkedIn Q&A, we've compiled the following essential quotes on Netflix's hiring process and company culture:

    The interview (via Reddit):

    About 40-50% of the interview is about making sure your personality is compatible with our company culture. The rest is about making sure you're technically capable … They flew me out and interviewed me for eight hours. It seemed really easy at the time, but I now realize that a lot of the questions were checking that my personality was a fit for the company. No crazy technical questions that I hate.”

    Culture fit was a big part of the hiring (via Reddit):

    “You'll talk to about eight or so people, some from HR, some higher-ups, some of the team you're applying to. Typically if even a single person doesn't like you, it's unlikely you'll be hired. Ultimately the decision is with the team that's hiring but it's very rare for them to overrule a single ‘no.’”

    There's a list of qualities they expect in an employee (via LinkedIn):

    "You need to have relevant experience for the role you are applying for and on top of that, when you interview in person, demonstrate qualities that showcase Netflix values. Are you courageous? Are you humble? Are you curious and passionate and ask thoughtful questions about the business? Are you able to and open to providing and receiving feedback to be better? Are you scrappy, have grit and willing to roll up your sleeves regardless of your title? Are you a team player? Are you inclusive and self aware? These are all things we look for."

    No one cares where you went to school (via Reddit):

    “I'm a college dropout. I haven't heard a single person discuss education or degrees. When you're working with people who have 5, 10, or even more years of experience education doesn't matter anymore. It's all about what problems you have the knowledge to solve.”

    There’s independence with responsibility (via Reddit):

    “At every other place I've worked, there's a very strict hierarchy and everyone is working on whatever the orders from up high are. In a sense that's also true at Netflix, but the orders are less orders and more context about what the big picture is and what is going on with the numbers. And everyone is expected to pitch in in their own way. You can give someone a problem and they can solve it without going back and asking you for the exact procedure.”

    On whether you can binge-watch Netflix at work (via LinkedIn):

    "Freedom and responsibility — you choose how you want to spend your day doing what," a company representative responded on LinkedIn. "No one is saying you can or cannot do something, but you have to be responsible in moving the business and making an impact. For some teams it is necessary to watch our titles because they work on them."

    "To be candid, there are a lot of fast-paced and exciting projects happening, so there probably isn't time or as much of a priority to catch up with personal Netflix viewing."

    You have to perform (via Reddit):

    “Netflix is definitely more cutthroat about firing ‘dead weight’ than every other company I worked for. If you're not working out for whatever reason, there's no reason to keep you.”

    This person also said there weren’t any real “entry-level positions.” So if you were looking to get hired straight out of college, you’re probably out of luck. Though there are definitely people who have begun their Netflix careers in their mid-20s.

    The "best" and "worst" part of the job are the same (via LinkedIn):

    "The best thing is the freedom to do whatever you think is necessary to move the business forward. The worst thing is that nobody will tell you how to spend your time or what exactly you should be working on (outside of setting larger goals for your role). Determining which projects will truly be impactful is up to you, and sometimes that is really hard."

    If you want to take a look at Reed Hastings' famous 2009 slide deck, scroll down:

    SEE ALSO: Netflix held a Q&A on LinkedIn, and everyone seemed to have the same 2 burning questions

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    bartender bar mixing drink cocktail pub

    • Luxury apartments are rolling out fancy and resident-exclusive restaurants.
    • The Wall Street Journal reported that a recent crop of such eateries has sprung up in Miami.
    • Glitzy real estate offerings of the past have featured similar wild giveaways, like art galleries and trips to space.

    Landlords occasionally attach a few perks to apartments or houses to sweeten the deal for buyers and attract new tenants.

    Luxury residences are no different, in that regard. They just serve up more ostentatious giveaways.

    Take private restaurants and bars, for instance. The Wall Street Journal reported on a number of fancy eateries that have cropped up in Miami. They're all attached to a luxury residence. The Porsche Design Tower has Fuel, Palazzo Del Sol has the Café Sol, and the Oceana Bal Harbour has Ballerina.

    You can't just walk into these restaurants from off the street and snag a table. They are reserved for the people who live in these astronomically pricey skyscrapers. So if you even want to get a glimpse at the menu, you'd have to shell out millions for an apartment.

    As one would expect, these exclusive eateries offer pretty sumptuous culinary experiences. At Ballerina, for instance, the Wall Street Journal reported that guests can get meals catered to their rooms. The restaurant also hosted a black truffle festival for the building.

    It's not just Miami, either. Residents of Boston's Millennium Tower flock to the private restaurant Mina, while Chicagoans who live in the planned 1000M high-rise will be able to grab drinks at the Club 1000 when it opens in 2022. All drinks at Club 1000 will be on the house, too.

    Swanky private restaurants aren't the only perks that luxury residences have thrown out there to please residents and entice prospective buyers. Business Insider previously reported that a deal for an $85 million penthouse apartment in New York City also included two tickets to space, a $1 million yacht, a Hamptons vacation rental, two Rolls-Royce Phantoms, and a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

    And previously, a luxury apartment Miami provided its residents with Tesla-driving chauffeurs, while another established a whole art gallery for tenants to peruse.

    SEE ALSO: Inside New York City's hidden neighborhood where Wall Street big shots, celebrities, and billionaire heirs mingle

    DON'T MISS: This $85 million NYC condo comes with 2 tickets to outer space, a $1 million yacht, 2 Rolls-Royce Phantoms, and a Lamborghini

    SEE ALSO: Inside notoriously ritzy Gangnam, 'the Beverly Hills of South Korea' that's home to the country's biggest celebrities

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    NOW WATCH: This robotic bartender is the Keurig of mixed drinks

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    mental health work

    A study last year found that as many as 85% of people still think there is stigma attached to bringing up their mental health at work. In general, it appeared people still feel that they won't be taken as seriously if they take time off for their mental wellbeing as they would be if they were suffering from something outwardly physical.

    But stress, anxiety, and depression can all result in significant mental health problems, as well as ultimately becoming physical problems too. And taking time off for them is just as valid as if you needed rest after catching the flu. After all, you wouldn't tell someone who had cancer to just "suck it up."

    According to Mind, the mental health charity, 48% of workers have experienced a mental health problem in their current job, and over half of them don't tell anyone.

    Paul McLaren, a consultant psychiatrist at Priory, wants to help tackle this problem. He's come up with a list which shows how you can bring up your mental health with your boss. Healthier employees improve the bottom line, he said, and employers have a legal duty to protect their employees from stresses at work that could make things worse.

    Here's what he said you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

    1. Remember it's no different to reporting a physical health problem

    There isn't any difference in reporting a mental health problem to a physical one, McLaren said, it just feels different.

    "When we are depressed, we often have strong feelings of shame about how we are feeling," he said. "That is not just a psychological reaction but part of the biology of depression. Shame leads us to hiding away but hiding away makes our situation worse in the workplace and elsewhere."

    2. Write down what you're feeling

    "If you can't find the words to explain how you feel, or the help you may need from your employer, write it down first in an email or letter," said McLaren. "Check it and run it past someone close."

    3. Focus on your productivity and ability to do your job

    McLaren said you should steer the conversation towards how your mental health is impacting your work and productivity, rather than focusing on how you feel. That way, you can come up with a way to work together and improve the situation.

    "Remember, your employer will want to help you not least because it makes good business sense," he said.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to switch to a new career. Something with better job prospects, more opportunities for advancement, and enough potential to keep you satisfied for decades.

    Accounting might be the new career you’re seeking.

    Here’s why:

    1. There are a lot of accounting jobs.

    Every organization — from government agencies and nonprofits to small businesses and multinational corporations — needs accountants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts that the number of accountants will grow 10% from 2016 to 2026. And, unemployment rates for accountants are significantly lower than the overall unemployment rates — there are plenty of jobs out there.

    And it’s not just accounting jobs. A graduate accounting degree is great preparation for jobs in finance, business forecasting, business analytics, and more. That’s because accounting provides the financial, analytical, and problem-solving skills essential in the 21st century economy.

    The business world needs accountants. Changing regulations and tax laws in the US and around the world are creating a more complex economy. Accountants, and those with deep accounting skills and knowledge, are the professionals who can help organizations of all types successfully navigate this change and complexity.

    2. The pay is great.

    Along with higher demand comes strong compensation and benefits. The median pay for accountants is nearly $70,000 per year, according to the BLS, but more qualified accountants can make significantly more. For example, the average forensic accountant or accounting manager earns about $90,000 per year. Many accountants, especially those with CPAs and advanced degrees, can earn six-figure salaries, sometimes after just a few years of work experience.

    3. You can choose your own career path.

    Strong employment and high pay are great, but they’re not the best things about accounting careers.

    If you think of accountants as people who spend their days bent over adding machines or manipulating spreadsheets, it’s time for an update. While crunching the numbers and analyzing financial data is an essential part of accounting, it also requires problem solving, creativity and strong communication skills.

    Accountants help organizations make better decisions— and help society do better. Accountants provide fiscal insight, which, in turn, helps companies know when to launch new products, move into new markets, or avoid money-losing ventures. Accountants also are the guardians of financial accuracy across the economy. They help protect against fraud, measure the impact of corporate environmental initiatives, and find ways to reduce wasteful spending.

    An accounting degree prepares you for many career paths. Some accountants become top corporate executives, including chief financial officers and even CEOs. Others work in nonprofits or for government agencies, helping an organization fulfill an important societal mission.

    4. You can work with purpose.

    Many accountants find fulfilling careers doing auditing, tax or consulting work for public accounting firms, jobs that require plenty of teamwork and often bring opportunities for travel. And accountants with an entrepreneurial bent often find success starting their own firms or working at a start-up.

    UNC playbutton large

    Maybe the best thing about switching from another career into accounting is that you still bring all of that experience with you into the new accounting role. If you were a teacher, for example, you’ll still have opportunities to explain accounting concepts to people you work with as an accountant. Or if you’ve spent a few years working the phone and meeting prospects in a sales role, an accounting degree could help you forecast sales for the entire company — and even set goals for your former colleagues. In fact, combining accounting knowledge with a background in another field can make you more qualified and competitive for some job opportunities.

    The next step: Getting your degree (it's easier than you think)

    What does it take to switch to accounting? The right kind of education, of course. You probably don’t have an accounting degree, but that’s OK. By going back to school, you can leap into a new career in accounting in as little as one year.

    Most Master of Accounting (MAC) programs are open to people with a wide variety of undergraduate degrees, from finance to English literature. And, online degrees allow students to continue to work while taking classes.

    Once you’ve completed your degree, top MAC programs will also provide job placement support and access to a robust professional network with other alumni across the country. And MAC graduates are prepared for the CPA exam, which provides a unique, in-demand professional credential that boosts your earning potential.

    Want some expert advice on switching careers?

    Download “The Career Switcher’s Checklist” for some great tips and suggestions from leading career experts.

    Or, take the quiz, “What Should I Do When I Grow Up?”, to match your skills, interests, and personality with some impressive business/finance roles.

    This post is sponsored by UNC Master of Accounting Program. | Content written and provided by UNC Master of Accounting Program.

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    shaking hands at office

    • The war for talent will affects most roles in large companies and organisations.
    • While salaries vary depending on many factors, including training, experience, type of business, or competition, jobs that are in high demand allow candidates to negotiate better salaries.
    • Robert Half, a human resource consulting firm, recently released a list of seven positions it predicts will be the most sought-after among employers between 2018 and 2019.


    For companies looking to optimise their productivity, revenues and efficiency, the war for talent will affect pretty much every position in an organisation.

    Robert Half, a human resource consulting firm, recently released a list of seven positions it predicts will be the most sought-after among employers between 2018 and 2019.

    Describing the list in an exclusive press release as "a guide to professions that will be in high demand among employers", managing director at Robert Half France Olivier Gélis said that, the international recruitment firm focused on roles at the heart of the transformation of the business world.

    While salaries vary depending on training, experience, type of business or competition, jobs that are in high demand often allow candidates to negotiate good salaries.

    Below are Robert Half's predictions about the seven occupations set to be in greatest demand between 2018 and 2019, as well as the rough salaries job applicants can expect.

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    7. Sales manager — $28,000-$41,000

    As a sales manager, your role consists of a number of responsibilities, such as putting through customer orders and tracking them.

    6. General accountant — $29,000-$79,000

    The main responsibility of a standard general accountant is usually to draw up balance sheets.

    5. Business or compliance lawyer — $42,000-$82,000

    A business or compliance lawyer is responsible for reviewing contractual documents and legal notices.

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    happy woman beach

    • Scientific studies have found a link between happiness and productivity.
    • People tend to be happier when they have more time to do the things they enjoy.
    • This bolsters an argument for a four-day workweek and three-day weekend, as it could give people more free time to do just that.
    • But as with anything, there would be people who take advantage and those who'd have to pick up the slack.

    On Mondays, the week ahead can look incredibly long, but the idea of heading to work five days a week could eventually be left in the past — at least, that's what unions in the UK have been calling for recently.

    According to Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, an associate professor of economics and strategy at the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School, a good work-life balance, with time for people to do the things they enjoy, is a top priority for satisfaction — and one way to achieve this could be a three-day weekend.

    "I would argue the four-day working week is spot on in terms of finding or striking that right balance between improving the work-life balance and unlocking the happiness potential from that in terms of productivity gains," De Neve told BBC World News on Friday. "This outweighs the net reduction in productivity from working a day less."

    An eight-week trial conducted in New Zealand earlier this year found that overall a four-day week increased teamwork and work engagement while decreasing workers' stress. But there were some problems with the study in that some participants had to break out of it to keep up with a busy schedule, suggesting that an extra day off could lead some employees to have to pick up the slack.

    The study didn't find any real improvement in work quality, but participants reported enjoying having a three-day weekend.

    "When you are more positive about your job and your life while on the job, it relates to being able to be more productive," De Neve said.

    A 2015 study from Warwick University seems to bolster the idea of a four-day workweek and three-day weekend. It found that participants were 8-12% more productive when they were given chocolate or listened to a comedy clip before a task, as opposed to thinking and writing about a family loss; in other words, manipulating workers' happiness seemed to affect how efficiently they did a job.

    There might not be an immediate change in productivity with the introduction of a four-day workweek, but with less time to kill at work, employees may procrastinate less (though there would always be those who try to take advantage).

    More evidence is likely needed before we could see a major adjustment to the way we work. But it wasn't until the 20th century that businesses decided a five-day week was optimal and started giving workers Saturday off, so there's no reason to believe it couldn't happen again.

    Correction: A previous version of this article included a study that supposedly supported the idea of a four-day workweek, but it was removed from the original news outlet.

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    David Solomon

    • Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said on Tuesday that his side-gig as a DJ taught him about the power of showing his human side while leading the bank. 
    • Solomon, who took over the chief executive role from Lloyd Blankfein on Monday, gave remarks at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Event in Laguna Niguel, California. 
    • "It's all about being human and opening yourself up," he said. 

    For new Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, moonlighting as a DJ has had some added benefits, besides making the Billboard charts. 

    Solomon said that for years as a senior banker, he'd walk into the elevator at Goldman and would be met with blank stares. "I'd say hi and most people would look at their feet and cower in the corner," he said on Tuesday as part of a panel for Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, California. 

    But that all changed when word spread that Solomon hit the turntables at clubs around Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Hamptons under the name D-Sol.

    "When people started seeing I had this hobby and was into music, a 24 year-old analyst would say 'Hey David, I saw your post on this and I heard your track,'" he said. "They want to connect with you, talk about how they got to the firm. It's about being human and opening yourself up. We all used to keep our private lives so separated from what we were doing in business and that's changed." 

    Solomon, who took over as Goldman's chief executive from Lloyd Blankfein on Monday, released his first single in early June, called "Don't Stop," a dance remix of the popular song first released by Fleetwood Mac in 1977. 

    Solomon hasn't shied away from the hobby. On an episode of the podcast "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," Solomon described himself as a lifelong audiophile intrigued by the modern music industry.

    He's also said that finding and exploring a passion is crucial to longevity in a career known for grinding people down and burning them out with its long hours and endless travel.

    Solomon has encouraged senior employees to open up to their junior staff and share personal aspects about their lives to facilitate trust. He's also said that Goldman should make better use of internal social networks to cultivate a more welcoming atmosphere for millennials employees that make up the majority of its workforce. 

    He's pushed for culture initiatives to put more women in powerful committees and has also worked to ease the firm sweatshop culture to retain junior bankers.

    "To be a really attractive organization today you need to be one that has soul," he said on Tuesday. "You need to have heart." 

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    • 71% of Americans were thinking about or actively looking for a new job, according to a 2017 survey.
    • There are many reasons people quit their jobs — lack of upward mobility, a bad boss, and low pay are some of the most common.
    • Author Jessica Thiefels details here how she knew it was time to leave five of the jobs she’s had in the last seven years.


    I've had six jobs in the last seven years — all of which led me to where I am now: Running my own business.

    Of those six jobs, I chose to leave five, and I'm not alone in my decision to move on relatively frequently. In fact, in a 2017 survey, 71% of Americans surveyed said they were thinking about or actively looking for a new job.

    If you're thinking about switching jobs, but aren't sure if you should, here are some of the signs that told me it was time to move on.

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    I was ready to move up — and I couldn't do it in my current role

    A recent Glassdoor report examined 5,000 resumes of transitioning employees to find out why employees left their previous roles. One common reason was “job title stagnation.” This led to more employee turnover than issues with work-life balance, leadership, or a company’s compensation and benefits policies, the study found.

    In almost every position, I left for this exact reason as well. I knew I was ready to take a larger role but couldn’t do it with the current company. Promotions were put off, raises were off the table, and it was clear that the business was at a stand-still — along with my career arc.

    You can see the effort I was making to always move up from one job to the next when you look at my job trajectory. I started out with a marketing copywriter job, which led to several editor positions and managerial jobs. Today, I own my own business.  

    While there were plenty of other reasons why I left each job, my desire to do more and get better was at the center of it all.

    I wasn't getting support when I needed it most

    I remember sitting in meetings at my very first job and thinking, “How am I ever going to contribute to these conversations?” I felt like the idiot in the room, with no big ideas, feedback or suggestions. Worse, I wasn’t getting any support. Tasks were put on my plate, and I was expected to read between the lines or understand something that was never explained.

    I was as green as they come. It was my first professional job as a writer, so I had a lot of learning to do — but no one to teach me. When that company let my entire team go except for me, I ended up with a job in social media, something I’d never managed before. But because of that opportunity, I started down the digital marketing path, and I’m now a social media coach.

    At the time, however, it was both fun and frustrating. It was fun to dictate my own rules for testing, posting, and planning. It was frustrating, however, when I needed the support of my boss, who would simply not show up for a meeting or send a one-sentence response to a long, in-depth email.

    I had a string of bad bosses

    Unsurprisingly, a 2017 survey from BambooHR found that 44% of employees left a job because of a bad boss at some point during their careers.

    I’m no stranger to this challenge, and it was one of the most significant reasons for leaving my first job, where I had not one but three bad bosses. One boss was too busy, another didn’t know how to manage people, and another had no interest in what our team was doing or in making sure we were successful.

    When I get asked the question, “What was your favorite job in the past and why?” in a job interview, my answer reflects the value of good bosses. My answer, for many years, was McDonalds, which is where I worked in high school. This always earns an interesting facial expression from the interviewer, followed by, “Why?”

    My response is simple: I had great bosses. It made the job more fun and interesting and I felt supported and valued.

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    Screen Shot 2018 10 05 at 9.54.27 AM

    We are hiring a video intern for INSIDER Picks, the product recommendation section of INSIDER.

    The role includes pitching, producing, and editing videos for INSIDER Picks. Recent videos include one about a bib that holds kids' snacks and another about a shower curtain that has pockets for your electronics.

    Candidates should have a passion for finding the best deals and products, and an ability to share his or her excitement with our audience in a clear, compelling way. Candidates should know how to edit on Adobe Premiere and how to use Adobe After Effects and Photoshop, various types of audio and digital video equipment including Canon and Sony cameras, and how to shoot awesome video with their smartphones.

    Our interns are an integral part of our team. We seek out self-starters and people who are enthusiastic about collaborating with video producers, social media editors, and other team members.

    This internship position is at our headquarters in New York City. It starts ASAP and runs for six months. Interns are encouraged to work full-time (40 hours a week) if their schedule allows.

    INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That's everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It's smart. It's fearless. It's fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. INSIDER is distributed across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, as well as on the web.

    If this sounds like your dream job, apply here with a resume and cover letter telling us why you're a fit for INSIDER and detailing your interest in INSIDER Picks.

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    We are hiring a writing intern with a focus on 
    home for INSIDER, a publication that delivers stories to readers across digital platforms.

    The role includes finding and pitching ideas for INSIDER's videos about new home products, cool homes and the people behind them, and home design innovations, as well as researching, writing, and producing scripts. Recent examples include videos about a DIY kitchen renovation and furniture that expands and compacts.

    Writing interns work closely with video editors, but they do not need to have video-editing experience. We're looking for ambitious reporters who can find and chase great stories, and relay them to our audience in a compelling way. Our interns are an integral part of our team. We seek out self-starters and people who are enthusiastic about collaborating with video producers, social media editors, and other team members.

    This internship position is at our headquarters in New York City. It starts ASAP runs for six months. Interns are encouraged to work full-time (40 hours a week) if their schedule allows.

    INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That's everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It's smart. It's fearless. It's fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. INSIDER is distributed across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, as well as on the web.

    If this sounds like your dream job, apply here with a resume and cover letter telling us why you're a fit for INSIDER and detailing your interest in home.

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    Insider Inc. Team

    Insider Inc. is hiring a Recruiting Manager to hire for positions for the Business Insider and INSIDER editorial teams (text and video). We're looking for someone who is an excellent communicator, has impeccable organizational skills, and can find and recruit great talent.

    Some responsibilities include:

    • Posting jobs on our site and other job boards
    • Sourcing great candidates
    • Scanning resumes, setting up interviews and edit tests
    • Shepherding candidates through the various stages of the interview process
    • Closing candidates and making offers

    The ideal candidate is someone who loves meeting people, is an excellent judge of skill, character and cultural fit, quickly learns what makes a great Insider Inc. hire, and can source and close high quality candidates. A background in journalism is helpful but not necessary. 

    Please APPLY HERE with your cover letter and resume. In the cover letter, let us know why this role at Insider Inc. excites you.

    About us:

    Insider Inc. is the publisher of INSIDER, Markets Insider, and 17 international editions of Business Insider, including the flagship NY-based US edition. The company pioneered a digital-native approach to news and information that is social and mobile at its core, for an ambitious and curious global audience that grew up with digital. The company launched in 2007, and in ten years, Business Insider has grown to become the most favorite business news brand in the world, when measured by reach. Insider Inc. reaches a global audience of several hundred million readers and viewers. The company also offers a subscription research service, Business Insider Intelligence (BII), that provides in-depth insight, data, and analysis of digital topics. Every year the company hosts IGNITION, an influential media and technology conferences. Insider Inc. is a subsidiary of Axel Springer SE. We are always looking for talented, curious and motivated individuals to join our growing team. 

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